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Welcome to the Hamble Hounds website   

The Hamble Hounds team think that working, training and communicating with dogs - and their families - is a highly rewarding, fascinating activity, and we love it.   

Established in 1998, we have worked with thousands of dogs of all ages, sizes, and characters, a massive variety of training and behaviour needs, including family dogs, dogs living in shelters /rescue centres and after re-homing.

We have lots of different courses.... for puppy training, dog training, socialisation for all ages in addition to an
 extensive practice helping dogs with behavioural ‘issues’.

We bring together scientific based knowledge from a number of disciplines, which gives us a wide range of skills and techniques from which to draw the most appropriate help for an individual dog. Particularly important with behavioural work, this allows us to avoid the mistake of trying to “train away” unwanted behaviour without curing the  underlying causes first.

We incorporate Tellington TTouch training into our work.

We work with several shelters/rescue centres helping relax dogs and ready them for their new 'forever' homes.

Hopefully, this website will give you a feel for how we work, please call 023 8001 1439 if you would like to talk about your dog and how we may help. The menu will lead you to everything we do....puppy training, dog training, socialisation, gun dog training and dog behaviour problem solving, home visits, private sessions and courses, as well as our social meeting and events. 

It’s important to us to explain……

We rely entirely on an ethical, knowledge based, kind and calm approach to dog training.

Good dog training does NOT need loud or stern voices, hands pushing, punishment, fear, harsh physical or mental treatment or equipment. We will never use such methods nor allow them to be used in any training session.

We frequently meet families who are upset and frustrated, sometimes angry or scared of their puppy or dog. It’s a joy to be able to coach them through to reaching a mutually loving and rewarding relationship between family and dog using only calm and kind methods. There is no magic wand, but with time, thought and effort changes can be made!

   More important info.............

  All our learning courses have a maximum 6 dogs per trainer, so that everyone has time for sufficient     practice and guidance in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere… we humans aim to have fun too, and very often succeed! 


Hamble Hounds’ People

Annette BowcottMAPDT, ABTC is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (number 00840), the Animal Behaviour and Training Council, and TTouch apprentice practitioner.

Sherree Stanley Conroy (BA Comb Hons, PG Dip, CIH, British Sign Language Stage 2) is a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers IMDT, and TTouch apprentice practitioner.

The accreditation bodies all advocate kind, motivational methods and require ongoing professional development

We are ably supported by assistants who are working towards accreditation and/or gaining experience. More on the team page....

Hamble Hounders

One of the lovely things about meeting so many dogs & people with a common interest is that we see human (& dog) friendships being made on Hamble Hounds courses & events which last for years.

To facilitate this, everyone who has been on a Hamble Hounds course becomes an official Hamble Hounder with access to the social walks (Talky Walkys), pub meals etc. The danger is they might also get 'offered the opportunity' to help in our charity fund raising events or be in the Display team!!